Jazz Standards

by Danvers

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released August 15, 2016

Recorded Oct-Dec ‘15
by Danvers & Coffee Breath Sound
Mixed by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music



all rights reserved


Danvers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

fast punk from pittsburgh

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Track Name: Open Fire, Lou
help me to me understand
how I can leave this room bleeding
and popularity
and I know it’s fucked to say,
but how about we
just care about each other?
sing it back to me
that what I grew up loving
it still means something
Track Name: Oakland at 11
act 3, where do I begin?
did you hear I’m in the city we met?
and I’d be calling you right now
If only I could have pictured you
in white and blue

on your worst day,
I’m a teenager
I’m lying to sneak through,
and bad decisions
reasons had for never leaving home
but we both know it kills me to follow

tell me where do I begin
did you hear I’m in the city we met?
and I’d be calling you right now
if only I could’ve pictured you in
we both wrote our mistakes
but I had the most,
and all of yours involved me
tell me where do I start?
but we both know that I'd never follow through

it’s clear now
just blue skies,
as we rushed back to our hotel
and that tired railway line
the crowd’s moved
and our old year
and this new york
they’re seeing us off, but coldly
(from what I’ve seen, he will break for you
and I know he’ll break your fall)
it’s clear now
and it’s harder to say
so just play it back
play it back anyway
Track Name: The Brave and the Bold
standing in corners
but it wasn’t my fault
as I walked across liberty that night
found out, that i’m not bitter anymore
this dusk, drawn-out,
sings it’s cold, old song
and I’d be hard-pressed (hard-pressed)
to find another
arlington and I
(and this one’s for you, )
tried to keep things short

something to be said
for overanalyzing
bright ideas
how can I thinly veil this one?
gave up on this city way too fast
as she stares at me from across the schuylkill
what’s “for the best”
and to keep hope running
but what’s another year?

so close, but let’s face it
that bridge you leapt from wasn’t far
making better time not leaving
I wanna be where you are

knowing you’ll never be through
through with avoiding endings
and wishing I could’ve been there sooner
the perfect song, loud,
to fit this short drive
nights and weekends you spend at a friends, how
it feels more at home
than any of this did
but what’s another year?

so close, but let’s face it
that bridge you leapt from wasn’t far
making better time not leaving

or is this settling?
2 blocks and I can
see the sun over downtown
just keep breathing,
you’re all I have
Track Name: Mainline 76
Last night it dawned on me
I’m through with waiting
nothing’s quite panned out
like we thought it would
but I’ll keep with me sundays on shady ave
or northern philly boroughs
where we said “this is it”

drive home
he felt that he’d make it through another year
if only he’d keep on, lying scenery
like a made-up backstory
feeling like hope is oh so distant
foreign streets
won’t set the pace,
just wait for the slightest sunrise

take my hand,
and let’s give up fucking halfway
this hasn’t quite turned out
like I thought it would
come on, show me a face
that just can’t turn away
smile as butts roll in
(take it all the way)

drive home
I’d like to think
we’re not so distant
I remember nights as a kid
discman by my bed,
spinning something like type o
and I’d like to think
we’re not so distant
foreign streets won't set our pace
carry sail to the sunrise

stay with me
let wasting my nights for you
hush awkward forbearing

Stay with me
So used to
barely scraping by

fall asleep to your writing
this room’s threadbare
all we’re worth is ringing out of
past-due strings
(if we could face ourselves,
yeah like we could)

But we’re all have-nots
and has-beens
that’s all we’ll ever know
Track Name: Save the War Stories, Hot Shot
we’re riding home
from erie, pa,
and he said
“have you heard these guys?”
kids like us my
pride and i
because I thought right then that I knew me,
cut-off jeans and an obituary tee

brought nothing to fit in
like you mean it
the words are therapy
sung from broken amplifiers
our worthless weeks
just bygone now

everyone I’ve met
most of them have moved on
is the shame that I haven’t yet?
I’d drive my used
right off of this cliff
before running with
a story less than this

brought nothing to fit in,
like you mean it

I’ve heard of feeling
accepted from the
first chord you ever felt
weighing in your chest
and I’ve said goodbyes
at ends of driveways
with what little voice I had left

I’ve heard of feeling
accepted from the
first chord you ever felt
weighing in your chest
and I’ve said goodbyes
at ends of driveways
but what I wouldn’t give to
have us all together again
Track Name: Motorcycle Gang Vocals
speak to me things like fulfillment,
and the death of your youth
like hanging it all up, your salad days
with all the articles you outgrew
and what’s the use?
I remember all the times
you swore to chase this down
but the albums that defined us
come on shuffle in your itunes sometimes

just wore out with that summer
while the sky just keeps dimming at times,
as dear to me as when I figured out
there’s more to this
and i’m nothing without

let’s just neglect it till it’s dead enough
in passing conversation
to reminisce about with all your friends
our tug of war we had
with relevance
but the pursuit still keeps me up at night
and I still swear I’ll chase this down

chasing it forever
while the sky just kept dimming at times,
as dear to me as when I figured out
there’s more to this
and i’m nothing without
Track Name: Building a Better
don’t say I didn’t warn you
about the need for validation
and getting caught up in shitstorms
you wouldn’t have known in 96
maybe if we’d all just get up
from our keyboards
and stand up for ourselves,

not just punk ideals
but what the fuck do I know
truly, truly
I’m only here because I can’t
see myself anywhere else
Track Name: Fair Enough
staring out windows
at the person I was
three short years ago

“to let jealous strings go…”

the chorus hits
and in awkward time we sway to it
the chorus hits
as you turn down halfway through
the choir swells
and in different moves, we say
the choir swells
with indifference,
but I know that now
Track Name: Gillespie Was a Fucking Genius
hey man, I was just thinking
bout that day down in metarie
driving all around
looking for anselmo’s
just to find it closed down

like a blow to the chest
that moment I had to get it out
if I could take it back I would
I understand

I just thought -
wasn’t belittling anything
this wasn’t the guy I knew
But I guess we both change

hey man, I was just thinking
bout that week in new orleans
to the length of chartres

I’m in love with this town but I
can’t help feeling out of place
hindsight, and overstays
I know she’s your saving grace

I just thought -
wasn’t belittling anything
this wasn’t the guy I knew
But I guess we both change

yeah, we both change
kinda wish louisiana rain
would just run it all away

The trouble here's not your romance
As the krewes roll by on the southern streets
I’m just proud enough to admit
The struggles I've had with losing friends this far
Track Name: The First Word is Outlive
where did we go wrong?
was it written in our steps in snow
on the way back from the commuter lot that fall?
we yelled our loud words of sincerity
in these quiet old towns
but not a bell tolls
as I walk away

and i’ve heard about the type you roll with these days.
grown sick of postures, shaking hands
worrying about what I said,
having to fend off
three violent kids
in stiff competition
while I mouth the words
to a song that kept me solvent
through these days
but since we’re both thinking this anyway

let old brothers collapse
fall under their weight, like iron ships
sink like stalwart crewmen
we’re all caught up in the gales of our youth
Track Name: Eight One Forever
back when this was new
and your words would shape our every
(and it fits like your favorite shirt)
swept up in the thrill,
of finding something better
(wait for the bands to come around again)

I could utter something trite like “we were just kids”
play louder, get angrier
the graceless shows
like the lovesick notes
we just can’t throw away.
I'm not losing sight

what a wreck we’ve made
with our milestones
and our headway,
driven by former selves
don’t tear things down just yet
we built this all
in the shade of what could have been
in the wreck we’ve made
with our milestones
Track Name: Boxer Heist
standing up, over greenfield,
and I don’t think I can make this work anymore
gathered threads, piecemeal it to death
a slow dawn,
legs shake, we’re lost and worn
their eyes well up,
and their hearts like a sea
and I remember every night you sang to me
thought I heard desperation,
or was that just temporary?

the shot rang out
seems like forever ago
and the crowd, as expected
is down to no one
the line’s in sight
but I swear after this I’m through

this harbor, it holds a lot of things
but not one of them
yields an ounce of cure
and the stone I’m about to throw
it falls to the ground
as I see you flying by

Just trying to figure this out

(I fail to see the harm in
adding to what’s already wasted
well on our way to
safety and distance
in the time we took to get here
I could have)

I’m tying up loose ends
and I’m trying, coping in my room,
coping with futility

to keep this one on us
to keep this obvious:
everyone gives up

so sing your drinking songs
jot them down in one night
Track Name: Mvt
well, she took me out
like a cozy mystery
things I could’ve said,
what I’d like to convince her of
keeps her eyes glued to the screen
build it up
in a hotel hallway

it’s choir tour,
and you’re sitting on the floor
keep telling me, missteps
are my middle name
a few seats behind
sail 422,
then state college
then in my arms

the picture won’t take
take your hand away
a photograph from a camera
that they threw away
so take your hand away
or the picture won’t take

be with me, do anything
walk fluorescent aisles
with well under 8 hours
she mentions something like fidelity
and I glance at our reflection
the two of us, on contrary
sides of her car window
where she tells me she found me out
try harder
just try harder
rome wasn’t built in a day

wasn’t won in a day
sad strings ring out
sad strings win out
third chair again
Track Name: Emergency Route
walk these streets at night
with my headphones on
and I’m trying to achieve clarity
drowning out, this kid’s got it down
says it better than I ever could
and I’m thinking
what was I even doing
when I was 18?
another line
and I won’t wait for clear skies
to clearer highways

I haven’t turned my back on you yet
to the song I hear,
of dreams and of hope
and I know
that it threatens my stability

tried to think
of a selfless way to say
“there’s nothing I’d rather be doing”
this streetlight’s out
but I’m not stopping
no, I’m never stopping.

verses written in
the sand, and unfinished;
say this was never
this was never in vain

every wall we’ve ever built is falling

I can’t seem to shake this ringing in my ears, softly,
constantly humming back to me every show that I’ve been to
and I wouldn’t trade it all for a kingdom; a 401k
we’ll get there someday